59% of Restauranteurs fail, will you?

Great food and a great location will not guarantee success. Minimizing waste and identifying metrics for improvement are key to survival and profit.
ForkastRM was built for restauranteurs by restauranteurs.

Identify KPI's

Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) are measurable values that show your team is achieving key business objectives.

Minimize Waste

Waste starts at ordering, food prep and at each step after. You need a predictive AI to help you order and to watch your inventory.

Increase Profit

Once you are monitoring the right KPI’s and you have identified your waste, each plate becomes more profitable and so does your restaurant.

Your process works so why change for a software? We decided to use our experience in the restaurant industry to create a product that is cloud-based, intuitive, and increases the bottom line of those who used it.

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